Handcrafting a guitar is as much about listening as doing. Before you select a grade of tone wood or prepare the first cut, you need to listen to examples of the sound the client wants. You must hear the acoustic qualities they strive for. You have to appreciate how the client describes the look and feel of the instrument. Most of all, you need to listen to how the client talks about their love of music. Only then can you begin crafting a guitar that will reflect their personal sound and style.

Lang Guitars understands how to listen to both the guitar and the client. Our passion is not to make the perfect guitar, but to make the perfect guitar for you. If you’re considering a new guitar, one that expresses the unique sound, look, and feel that only a custom guitar can provide, we would love to hear from you.

We happen to be pretty good at listening.

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“It is my lifelong goal to create quality instruments that reflect the owner's style and personality."

Phil Lang

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