I am very proud to play and share with other guitarists that I have a Custom Lang Guitar. What distinguishes my guitar from any others is its unique sound and personalized touches that make my guitar truly a one of a kind model. Philips skill and pride can be heard with every note. My custom Lang stands out in the crowd distinguished by its superior tonal qualities, professional finish and one of a kind personal touches.

Working directly with the luthier gave me a great deal of input into the design and custom features that I needed in a quality guitar. The heirloom touches that make this guitar MINE include my signature inlay cut from Mother of pearl and installed on the fretboard and my choice of hand-selected woods, tuners and styling.

When playing with others you can tell which of us is

playing a Lang; it’s the musician with a big sound and even bigger smile.

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“What can I say? For me, this is the best part of guitar making. The part where I hand over the finished instrument and hear it played by its rightful owner.”

Phil Lang

Copyright 2010