"I have so enjoyed working with Philip Lang as a custom builder. I came to him with concerns about some physical problems I have developed in recent years due to playing, and he built a gorgeous short-scale guitar for me. 

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My Lang guitar impresses me every time I pick it up!  Every other guitar I own has a sound that is like a black and white film, but my Lang plays in Technicolor.  The bottom is rich and warm, and the highs have a singing, vocal quality without screeching.

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I am very proud to play and share with other guitarists that I have a Custom Lang Guitar. What distinguishes my guitar from any others is its unique sound and personalized touches that make my guitar truly a one of a kind model. Read More

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“What can I say? For me, this is the best part of guitar making. The part where I hand over the finished instrument and hear it played by its rightful owner.”

Phil Lang

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